The Kaiserstein Palace

The Kaiserstein Palace - one of the most interesting palaces that decorates the centre of the capital.

The former residence of two famous military leaders, as well as the opera singer Ema Destinnová, has stood on Malostranská náměstí since the beginning of the 18th century.

It has been rebuilt several times, and was finally modified back to its original form. It has been a cultural monument since 1964.

It ranks among the architecturally most valuable buildings of the architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi, who is also responsible for other important buildings in Prague - the Hartigovský, Šternberský, Lobkovický, and Hrzánský palaces.

The palace was built and completed in 1714 by the rebuilding of two houses. It consists of two buildings, with the Baroque part facing Malostranská náměstí, and the Renaissance building facing Josefská Street, where Renaissance vaulted ceilings and late Renaissance beamed ceilings, decorated with paintings, are still preserved.

The building does not have the usual façade. However, the rooftop edges are decorated with sculptures of the Four Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) and decorative vases. The sculptural decoration is the work of the Italian sculptor Ottavio Mosto.

In 1977, an extensive renovation project was started, under the leadership of the architects Zdeněk Pokorný and Jaroslav Bělský.

The renovation returned the palace to its original, baroque form, whereby the main Great Hall was restored, and the porch on the ground floor and the entrance were moved to their original places.