Kaiserstein Palace

  • 1714 A building with a historical atmosphere
  • 9 halls For rent
  • In the centre of Prague In the centre of Prague

Kaiserstein Palace and its layout


  • 275 seats
  • 400 standing places
  • 30 m2 outdoor terrace
  • 9 halls for rent

Area according to individual floors

Crystal Hall
65 m2
Malostranský small lounge
43 m2
Nicholas lounge
43 m2
Aperitif lounge
30 m2
The entrance hall
78 m2
Marie’s lounge
40 m2
The Ema Destinnová Hall
198 m2
The entrance hall
78 m2
35 m2
Entrance foyer
72 m2
30 m2
Total area
712 m2


History and present

The Kaiserstein Palace from the Baroque period is located on the busy Malostranská náměstí. The building has three above-ground floors, and one underground. On the first floor is the former apartment of …